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An exciting 10 Day Itinerary in Vietnam’s Tropical South

This exciting 10 day itinerary in Vietnam takes in the highlights of the tropical south of the country and begins in busy Ho Chi Minh City. Enjoy the craziness of Vietnam’s largest city, see the colourful floating markets of the Mekong Delta and relax on a beach in beautiful Phu Quoc Island. There’s also an opportunity to see wild gibbons in their natural habitat in Cat Thien National Park.

Vietnam is a fascinating country to visit and you’re sure to enjoy the colourful culture and history of the country, the delicious fresh food and the friendly people.

But there’s so much to see is 10 days in Vietnam enough?

Is 10 days in South Vietnam enough?

10 days in Vietnam is long enough to get a taste of the exciting and vibrant culture but if you have only a short time in Vietnam, it’s best to concentrate on either the south or the north of the country to maximise the time you have.

Vietnam is 1600 kilometres long and there are long distances to travel between cities in the north, central and south of the country.

The north and central parts of the country have many attractions as well but there are so many things to see and do in Vietnam that you can easily stay several weeks or more to experience all that this fascinating country has to offer.

This 10 day Vietnam itinerary concentrates on the highlights of South Vietnam.

** Check with your local government for the latest information on travel to Vietnam.

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When to visit South Vietnam

The best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City and the south of Vietnam is from December to March. Summer is from May to October and temperatures soar in Ho Chi Minh City with average daily temperatures between 27C (81F) – 35C (95F) April is the hottest month of the year and December is the coolest month with temperatures from 24C (75F) – 32C (90F).

TIP: Vietnam experiences very different weather from the north to the south of the country Learn more about the best and the worst times to visit Vietnam and learn more about what what it’s like to visit Vietnam in January.

10 day Vietnam itinerary

With this 10 day itinerary in Vietnam, you’ll see the highlights of the tropical south beginning in busy Ho Chi Minh City. After a day of exploring, you’ll escape from the craziness of the city and spend a few days relaxing in a tropical paradise on Phu Quoc island.

Then take the Superdong Ferry to Can Tho in the Mekong River Delta for an early morning tour of the colourful floating markets. See wild gibbons swinging through the trees in Cat Tien National Park before returning once again to Ho Chi Minh City to end this exciting South Vietnam Itinerary.

South Vietnam itinerary

Before you begin this 10 day itinerary in Vietnam you’ll need to book return flights to Ho Chi Minh City and a one-way domestic flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc Island. I also recommend booking your accommodation in advance, especially in peak season.

TIP: To reduce the stress of your arrival in Vietnam you can book a transfer from the airport to your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

Book buses and trains in advance with 12Go Asia

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City

This 10 day Vietnam itinerary begins in bustling Ho Chi Minh City. It can be a bit overwhelming when you first arrive but you’ll quickly get your travel legs.

The traffic in Ho Chi Minh City is a bit crazy and crossing the road can be challenging. You’ll discover there’s an art to it. My advice – choose your moment and walk across the road without stopping. If in doubt, watch a local and follow closely behind them. The traffic will magically part as you walk and the motorbikes will simply ride around you. Whatever you do, don’t stop walking!

You’ll spend the first of your 10 days in Vietnam sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City. Visit the Taoist Jade Emperor Temple, the Museum of Vietnamese History and escape from the craziness of the city into the lush Botanical Gardens. When you’re hungry grab a bite at the Ben Thanh street food market.

Where to stay in Ho Chi Minh City

Mid-Range: Duc Vuong Hotel ** I enjoyed the fabulous service, the central location and the rooftop bar decorated with colourful lanterns.

Luxury: For an upmarket option try the Hotel Majestic This hotel gets exceptional reviews for its prime location near the river and restaurants and its excellent service

Day 2-4 Phu Quoc Island

The next stop in your 10 day Vietnam itinerary is beautiful Phu Quoc Island. If you book an early morning flight with Vietnam Airways, you’ll arrive late morning. It’s easy to find a taxi at the airport to take you to your hotel.

After hectic Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll enjoy a relaxing change of pace on lovely Phu Quoc Island in this South Vietnam itinerary. Chill out on the stunning beaches and enjoy perfect sunsets in a tropical paradise.

Beach sunset on Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

You’ll get a taste of local life on Phu Quoc Island as you explore. The island is quite big so it’s best to hire a motorbike to get around or book an island tour. There are some beautiful tropical beaches to discover and you can also visit the Duong Dong market and call in at the Phu Quoc prison to learn about the war history of the island.

In Phu Quoc harbour colourful fishing boats come and go and you’ll have time to book a boat trip and snorkel on the coral reefs around the island. In the evening, visit the busy night market where you can try street food and shop for souvenirs.

Where to stay on Phu Quoc Island

Mid-Range: Sunshine Bungalows These basic bungalows are set in a pretty tropical garden a short walk from the beach. They have everything you need and will arrange onward travel and tours.

Luxury: If you’re after more luxury, try the Shells Resort & Spa With a pool & its own private beach it gets excellent reviews.

Day 5 – 6 Can Tho

Can Tho, the largest city in the Mekong Delta is next on your 10 day itinerary in Vietnam. You’ll spend most of the day travelling on the Superdong Ferry to Rach Gia on the mainland and then travel by bus to Can Tho. The fare includes all transfers and connections so it’s an easy trip to make although the ferry crossing can be rough, especially in the rainy season.

With only 10 days in Vietnam, you’ll spend just one night in Can Tho. The main attraction here is the bustling floating markets on the Mekong River. Book an early morning boat tour to see the local markets in full swing for an interesting insight into life on the river.

No South Vietnam itinerary is complete without a visit to the colourful markets. Today you’ll rise before dawn for your boat tour of the floating fruit and vegetable markets and you’ll stop for breakfast on the river. I can recommend Itieu Tour and I booked at their office in Can Tho.

Call in at the Chinese Can Tho Ong Temple and the Buddhist Truc Lam Temple & monastery.

Then take an afternoon Futa bus back to Ho Chi Minh City (3 – 4 hours)

A smiling Pineapple seller on the Mekong River
Pineapple seller on the Mekong River in Can Tho, Vietnam

Where to stay in Can Tho

Mid-Range: Holiday One Hotel This comfortable hotel is a little bit out of town in a street that floods with the King tides.

Luxury: The five-star Sheraton Can Tho offers luxurious accommodations with spectacular river views and amazing service.

Day 7 – 8: Ho Chi Minh City

On this 10 day itinerary in Vietnam, you’ll return to Ho Chi Minh City and spend a couple of days seeing the sights, dodging the traffic and enjoying the delicious Vietnamese food.

Back in Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll spend the day visiting the impressive Independence Palace and learning about the tragic Vietnam War at the War Remnants Museum. Some of the exhibits at the museum are quite distressing but it’s worth taking time to learn how the civil war has shaped the country and the people of Vietnam.

Buy a Banh Mi and enjoy the crispy bread roll with a savoury filling for breakfast or lunch and visit the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Central Post Office of Saigon. Then head to the Ben Thanh street food market for an evening meal.

With 10 days in South Vietnam, you’ll have time on this itinerary to book a day trip to the stunning Cao Dai Great Temple and the Cu Chi Tunnels. They are both well worth visiting but it takes several hours to get there from Ho Chi Minh City. I booked a tour and our visit was timed so that we could watch a Cao Dai mass in progress.

At the Cao Dai Great Temple, There were hundreds of worshippers dressed in white kneeling and praying in the beautiful temple. It was a fascinating glimpse into a very different culture and way of life. In the afternoon we visited the Cui Chi Tunnels and learnt how people survived during the civil war.

Where to stay in Ho Chi Minh City

Back in Ho Chi Minh City you can return to the same hotel or choose another one.

Mid Range: Try the new Zazz Urban Ho Chi Minh Hotel in District 5

Luxury: Opt for some luxury at the Myst Don Quoi, a five-star hotel with stunning river views and spacious, comfortable rooms. It gets exceptional reviews for its great location and service.

the majestic Cao Dai Great Temple in Vietnam
Cao Dai Great Temple in Vietnam

Day 9 – 10: Cat Tien National Park

Next, on this 10 day itinerary in Vietnam, you’ll catch a bus to Cat Tien National Park, 3 hours west of Ho Chi Minh City. The direct bus leaves from Ben Xe Mien Dong bus station in Ho Chi Minh City.

Cat Thien National Park is a huge tropical lowland forest and one of the largest nature reserves in Vietnam. There are ancient trees, wildlife and walking trails to discover. Endangered wild gibbons, crocodiles and bird watching are popular reasons to visit.

If you stay overnight inside the National Park at the Green Cat Tien you’ll be able to join a night safari for wildlife spotting. The animals are most active at night and the wild gibbon tracking groups leave very early in the morning. On a 4-hour wild gibbon trek, you’ll see and hear the gibbons swinging in the trees. The wild gibbon trek also includes a visit to the Endangered Primate Species Centre in the National Park.

TIP: Book your Cat Tien accommodation and tours in advance through the Cat Tien National Park office. **For the Wild Gibbon trek you must sleep inside the National Park.

Rise early for the wild gibbon tracking and explore the walking trails in Cat Tien National Park. Then take an afternoon bus back to Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh City

End your 10 days in South Vietnam with some more sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City and connect with your flight home.

Longer Vietnam Itineraries

With a 2 week itinerary in North and Central Vietnam, you can visit the capital Hanoi, experience the French colonial architecture of the Old Quarter, take an overnight cruise on stunning Ha Long Bay, visit ancient Hoi An and Royal Hue and spend a couple of days exploring the largest cave system in the world at Phong Nha-Ke Bang.

A 3-week itinerary in Vietnam is enough time to travel the length of the country and to see many of the main sights along the way from Ho Chi Minh City, and the Mekong Delta in the south, to Historic Hoi An and Royal Hue in central Vietnam, and the capital Hanoi and the stunning karst scenery of Ha Long Bay in the north.

Final Thoughts – 10 Day Itinerary in Vietnam

This 10 day Vietnam itinerary takes in the highlights in the south of the country and you’ll enjoy the history and culture of Vietnam’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh City, and discover a tropical paradise on beautiful Phu Quoc Island, visit the colourful floating markets of the Mekong Delta and see wild gibbons swinging through the trees in Cat Thien National Park.

10 days in South Vietnam is long enough to get a good overview and enjoy the warm weather in the country’s south. But I suggest a longer stay in Vietnam if you want to see the best of the country. Hanoi and Ha Long Bay are highlights of North Vietnam and Hoi An, Hue, and Phong Nha Ke Bang are top attractions in Central Vietnam that are worth seeing too.


Is 10 days in Vietnam enough?

10 days in Vietnam is enough time to get a feel for the country in a north or south Vietnam itinerary. With 10 days in South Vietnam, you can experience the crazy traffic of Ho Chi Minh City, relax on the tropical beaches of Phu Quoc Island, enjoy the bustle of the floating markets of the Mekong Delta and see gibbons in the wild at Cat Thien National Park.

When is the rainy season in Vietnam?

The wet season in Vietnam is from June to November and July to September can be the wettest months in Vietnam. Although there is sometimes flooding, the weather is often stormy and it rains in short bursts so the impact on travel is minimal. South Vietnam is warm all year and you can visit at any time of year.

Travel Essentials

#1. A Travel Guide book for Vietnam is a worthy travel companion and will help you plan your trip. I rarely travel without a trusted Lonely Planet Guide.

#2. Travel Insurance is another essential for any overseas travel. Rest easy knowing that you’re covered in case something goes wrong.

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