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Why You’ll Love Solo Travel in Australia in 2024

Solo travel in Australia is becoming more and more popular. Australia ranks in the top 5 destinations in the world for people travelling alone. The gorgeous beaches, cosmopolitan cities and laidback culture attract millions of visitors each year. Add to that stunning landscapes, unique wildlife and an ancient indigenous culture, and it’s no wonder Australia is such a popular travel destination.

I was born in Australia and I live in Sydney. I’ve travelled around the country and had some amazing experiences and I can recommend solo travel in Australia. After visiting around 50 other countries in the world, I’m convinced Australia is one of the best places in the world to visit and live.

In this article, you’ll find the best places for solo travel, the best time to go and lots of other insider tips to help you plan a solo trip down under.  

solo Travel in Australia and see The Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House

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Check with your local government for the latest information about travel in Australia.

Are you new to solo travel? These 30 tips for women travelling solo will help you to have a safe and successful trip when you travel to Australia alone.

Why You’ll Love Solo Travel in Australia

Australia is a great choice for a solo trip. It’s a very safe country to visit, and this makes it an ideal destination for solo female travellers and first-timers. It’s easy to travel around the country.  Australians speak English, the locals are friendly, and the climate is mild all year round.

Backpackers love Australia too. Many end up staying longer than they planned and some never leave. Australians enjoy a high standard of living and there are lots of options for budget, mid-range and luxury travel.

When you travel to Australia alone, you can follow your heart and spend your time doing whatever makes you happy. Go snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, learn to surf at Bondi Beach, go solo hiking in the Tasmanian Wilderness or ski in the Snowy Mountains. The choice is yours.

a paved stretch of the 3 Capes walk in Tasmania with cliffs in the distance
3 Capes hike in Tasmania

Reasons for Solo Travel in Australia

There are so many reasons to solo travel in Australia. Here are just a few:

1. Australia’s cosmopolitan cities offer art, history and culture. There’s a lively cafe scene and a relaxed surf and beach vibe in the coastal towns and cities.

2. Australia has a stunning and varied natural landscape with pristine beaches, majestic mountains, waterfalls, forests, red deserts and wide-open skies.

3. Australia’s unique wildlife delights people of all ages. There are kangaroos, koalas, wombats, platypus, echidna, crocodiles & endangered Tasmanian Devils and more unique animals waiting to meet you.

4. Australia has a rich Indigenous culture that’s more than 50,000 years old. Discover the Dreamtime, bush tucker and ancient culture that honours the land when you solo travel in Australia.

English is the National Language

Australians speak English and they’re usually pretty friendly and welcoming. It’s easy enough to find someone to chat with if you travel to Australia alone and you’ll probably be more open to meeting new people if you’re travelling solo in Australia. If you want help or travel advice just head to the nearest Tourist Information Centre. You’ll find them all over Australia.

Where to Start Solo Travelling in Australia?

Sydney Solo Travel

SYDNEY is a great place to start travelling solo in Australia. Visit the famous Sydney Opera House, take a cruise on the stunning Sydney Harbour and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the best views in town and you’ll be off to a great start in Australia’s most iconic city.

Find the Best Things to do in Sydney

Colourful street art in St Kilda in Melbourne
Street Art in St Kilda in Melbourne

Melbourne Solo Travel

MELBOURNE is Australia’s second-largest city and a popular place to begin travelling solo in Australia. The vibrant art scene and bustling café culture are popular with travellers who are working in Australia. Melbourne is also a great stop for sports fans.

Find fun things to do in Melbourne

Brisbane Solo Travel

Land in safe, friendly, dynamic BRISBANE and head to the incredible UNESCO World Heritage Great Barrier Reef or the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands for a taste of tropical paradise. Then plan a holiday in Cairns, travel the length of Australia’s stunning east coast and maybe relax for a while on gorgeous Green Island or take a ferry to stunning Fitzroy Island on the Great Barrier Reef. Swim with turtles on the Lovely Low Isles and meet Koalas and Rock wallabies on Magnetic Island.

Find out why Brisbane is a great place to visit

Highlights of Travelling Solo in Australia

There are so many wonderful things to see and do in Australia. These are just a few highlights of travelling solo in Australia.

  • Visit Sydney, cruise Sydney Harbour, visit the iconic Sydney Opera House and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Sail in the Whitsundays Islands, a tropical Paradise
  • Explore the wilderness and meet unique wildlife in Tasmania, Australia’s most southern state. Enjoy a Solo Road Trip in Tasmania and uncover Australia’s colonial history in Hobart and Port Arthur and visit stunning Wineglass Bay, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.
  • Discover the Dreaming and Australian Aboriginal Culture
  • Uluru & Kata Tjuta in Australia’s Red Centre
  • Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory
  • Explore Australia on a road trip along the stunning East Coast from Melbourne to Brisbane.
  • Discover beautiful Western Australia

the sublime view  from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge climb

Solo travellers love Australia

Australia is a haven for solo travellers and when you travel to Australia alone you’re bound to come across other people doing the same thing.

If you’re like me, you’ll love the sense of freedom and independence that you get from travelling alone. You can do what you want when you want without having to always fit in with other people.

How to make friends travelling solo in Australia

There are plenty of options if you feel like company when you solo travel in Australia. If you stay in hostels it’s easy to meet other travellers. Check hostel notice boards, Facebook pages or to find a travel companion. You might find a like-minded, free spirit to join you for all or part of your trip.

You might also consider joining a tour and travelling with a group. You can spend a day on a tour or as long as you like. There are lots of day trips and longer tours to choose from if you need transport or just want some company for a day.

Tips for Travelling Solo in Australia

  • Research your trip so you know where you’re going & how you’ll get there.
  • Have a travel plan that’s flexible
  • Book ahead, especially if you’re travelling in the high season at easter or Christmas or during the school holidays
  • If you’re staying in hostels, take advantage of hostel notice boards & group events.
  • Use public transport. It’s a good way to get around and will save you money
  • Buses travel interstate and are a cheaper alternative to flying
  • Take a road trip on your own or team up with other travellers.
  • Distances between destinations can be long so allow plenty of time for overland travel.
  • Take out Travel Insurance before you leave so you can relax & enjoy your trip without worrying about something going wrong.
  • Don’t hesitate to travel to Australia alone! You’re sure to have an amazing time

Are you new to solo travel?

Russell Falls in Mount Field National Park
Russell Falls in Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

Safety for Solo Travel in Australia

If you’re a woman travelling solo in Australia, feeling safe while you’re away is VERY important. For me, safety is THE most important consideration when I’m alone and I’m pleased to report that Australia is very safe compared to other countries.  Australia consistently ranks as one of the safest places in the world to visit and live. The crime rate is low and the political system is stable.

I’ve travelled all over the country staying in hotels, hostels and campsites. If you take the usual safety precautions you’ll stay safe and avoid trouble when you travel to Australia alone. Having said that nowhere is completely safe.

Below are some safety tips for travelling solo in Australia:

  • Always hide or lock up your valuables
  • Don’t leave your bags unattended.
  • Be careful if you’re out alone at night and don’t walk alone in unlit areas. Australia is generally a very safe place to visit but petty theft & muggings do happen occasionally.
  • Protect yourself from the strong Australian sun by using sunscreen and wearing a sun hat and sunglasses. I use factor 50+ when I’m out all day & reapply regularly.
  • When you’re at the beach, always swim between the flags on patrolled beaches. Watch out for strong currents and rips as they can be dangerous. Unfortunately, unwary tourists drown every year on Australia’s beaches.
  • Call 000 in an emergency for the Police, fire brigade or ambulance
  • Stay safe from crocodiles in northern Australia. Don’t swim in rivers estuaries, deep pools, or mangrove shores and observe safety signs near crocodile habitats.
a surfer at Cronulla Beach at sunrise
Cronulla Beach Sydney

How to Get Around Australia

Australia is well connected by a network of public transport. When you travel to Australia alone you can move around the country by air, train bus, or by car. Ferries and trams are popular and convenient.


Because of the large distances between capital cities, interstate air travel is extremely popular. There are also regular flights to regional areas and it’s an affordable way to get around Australia.


Trains connect Australian cities to the regions and also run interstate. Here are some great Australian Train journeys that you can enjoy when you travel to Australia alone:

The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin is an epic Australian train trip through Australia’s red desert centre.

The Indian Pacific runs from Perth to Sydney, the Great Southern travels from Adelaide to Brisbane and The Spirit of Queensland travels from Brisbane to Cairns.


Greyhound and Premier Coaches are a cheaper alternative for interstate travel and are often full of budget travellers. If you’re travelling overland there are large distances between places in Australia so expect to spend a lot of time sitting on a bus.

TIP: Make sure you factor in travel time and plan to take a few overnight trips by bus or sleeper train and you can save on accommodation costs.


Explore Australia’s stunning coastline by boat. Discover hidden coves, secluded beaches, rugged cliffs and special places that can only be reached by water. Throw in a line, catch a fish for dinner and see dolphins whales and sea turtles in the wild.

Take a Road Trip

Australians love road trips! It’s an epic way to see the country. I love the flexibility of driving a car when I’m travelling solo in Australia. You can take a detour, drive into National Parks, chase a sunrise or a sunset and sleep out under the stars. If you decide to camp on your road trip you’re more likely to see native animals like kangaroos and wallabies. This sweet little wallaby came to visit my tent at Potato Point on the NSW South Coast.

Kangaroo beside my tent at Potato Point on the NSW South coast
Meeting the wildlife on the NSW South Coast

On a road trip, you can stay at campsites, hostels, motels, or hotels if you want more comfort. There’s a wide variety of accommodations to choose from when you’re travelling solo in Australia and I stayed in a combination of campsites, B&Bs and historic hotels on my road trip through beautiful Tasmania.

If you don’t have a car or a van you can always hire one for your road trip. If you’re travelling alone this will probably be quite expensive so it’s worth looking at other options. Bus companies like Greyhound offer discounted travel with a travel pass. Train passes are also available for overseas travellers on the east coast of Australia.


Australia has a world-class healthcare system and has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with some countries.

While you may be eligible for some subsidised services it’s still a good idea to cover yourself by taking out travel insurance before you leave home. Make sure you’re covered for theft, loss, accidents and medical problems. I use travel insurance when I’m away so I can concentrate on enjoying my vacation without worrying about something going wrong.

Covid-19 vaccinations are a requirement but no other travel vaccinations are needed to enter Australia unless you’ve recently been in a country where Yellow Fever is active.

Prescription medicines are subject to government regulations and should be declared on arrival in Australia and it’s best to bring a prescription or letter from your doctor outlining your medical condition and the medicine you are carrying.

Tap water in Australia is safe to drink so bring a refillable water bottle and fill it up for free.

Smoking is banned in enclosed spaces like shopping centres, on public transport, & in restaurants.

When to Visit?

Australia is known for its warm sunny weather and any time is a good time to visit. The climate varies around the country and the best time depends on where you are going. Generally speaking, the summers are hot and the winters are mild. The peak season is the Australian winter from June to August.

Australia’s East Coast has a temperate climate and you can visit all year round. In summer, locals flock to the beach as temperatures soar. The average summer temperatures in Sydney range from 18°C to 25°C and in winter the cooler weather sets in with Sydney’s winter temperatures ranging from 8°C to 17°C. There’s snow in the mountains and a ski season in Tasmania and in the Snowy Mountains in NSW and Victoria.

Skip the hottest and the coldest months and visit Australia’s east coast in the shoulder seasons from March to May and September to November. You’ll also skip the tourist crowds.

Further inland, in semi-arid and desert areas, the cooler months are the best times to visit as the summers can be unbearably hot. But temperatures can plummet at night in desert areas so be prepared. Alice Springs has average top temperatures of 37°C (99°F) in January and lows of 4°C (39°F) in July.

Australia’s top end and far north Queensland have a tropical climate with 2 distinct seasons, wet and dry. During the wet season (November – April) some areas flood and are inaccessible. So the dry season (May – October) is the best time to visit Darwin, Kakadu, far north Queensland and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Uluru at sunset
Uluru at sunset


Australians love a party and if there’s something to celebrate we’ll have a festival. If you time your visit well you can join in the fun when you travel to Australia alone. These are some of the best festivals around the country.

The Festival of Sydney in January features music and art. There are lots of free performance events to celebrate summer in Sydney.

Sydney’s famous New Year’s Eve Fireworks light up the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House. They’re quite spectacular and free so you can expect the open spaces around Sydney Harbour to be overflowing. Take a picnic rug and claim your spot along the harbour foreshore well in advance for the best view. Find out why New Year’s Eve in Sydney is famous around the world.

Trendy Byron Bay in northern New South Wales has a series of popular surf, music and arts festivals throughout the year.

The Melbourne Moomba Festival held in March is Australia’s largest Free community Festival with a series of fun, family-friendly events and attractions.

The Brisbane Festival in September is an Arts Festival with an exciting program of music, theatre, dance and more. The festival is one of many reasons to visit beautiful Brisbane, Australia’s 3rd largest city.

Enjoy the spectacle of the famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. On Boxing Day more than 50 yachts sail out of Sydney Harbour arriving in Hobart, Tasmania a few days later.

Around New Year’s Eve Hobart is a great place to visit and bustling with celebrations. Join in the New Year’s Eve festivities on Hobart’s waterfront with a free Fireworks display and indulge yourself at the Taste of Tasmania Food & Wine Festival with stunning water views and awe-inspiring performances.

WomAdelaide is an annual 4-day festival of music art and dance held in March in Adelaide, South Australia.

Where to stop over on the way to Australia

If you’re thinking that it’s a long way to Australia, don’t be put off by the distance because there are lots of great places to break a long-haul flight on the way down under.

You can easily break your journey in the Middle East or in South East Asia. Dubai is very popular for stopovers from Africa and Europe with lots of great things to do on a short stay.

South East Asia is safe for solo travellers, fascinating and relatively cheap to visit with Bangkok and Hong Kong popular places to stopover from the UK and Europe on the way to Australia. And you can easily spend a few hours, days or even a few weeks travelling solo in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia or Myanmar.

Final Thoughts on Solo Travel in Australia

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world and this makes it an ideal destination for solo travellers. Travelling solo in Australia is popular and it’s a great way to see the country and experience the cosmopolitan cities, and the stunning scenery, and meet the friendly locals and the unique wildlife.

When you travel to Australia alone you can relax and enjoy the laid-back surf scene, the beautiful beaches and the delicious fresh food. You’re sure to love Solo Travel in Australia!


Is solo travelling worth it?

Yes! Solo travelling is definitely worth it! I love to travel solo. In fact, I think it’s the best way to travel, especially in Australia. Things are less complicated and decisions are easier to make. You can choose your destination, go when you please and stay wherever you want. Your days are filled with things that you want to do. There’s no waiting around for someone else or compromising to suit another person.

Is it awkward to travel alone?

Sometimes you might feel awkward travelling alone but if you’re willing to embrace these moments and find ways to help yourself feel more comfortable, it’s possible to have a rewarding, exciting and fulfilling experience travelling alone. For example, when you’re eating out alone take a book to read, a journal to write or use the time to stay in touch with friends and family. There’s no need to feel awkward eating out alone.

How do I gain the confidence to travel alone?

The best way to gain the confidence to travel alone is to do it. Book a flight and go. Acknowledge the anxiety, plan ahead and develop strategies for overcoming the fear. I’ve found that very soon after arriving in a new destination the anxiety is replaced by excitement, anticipation and exhilaration.

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